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3/6/10 Membership Incentive Program

Brethren keep first line signing Scottish Rite petitions and your efforts will pay rewards...from having your dues remitted for one year…or for the rest of your life!!! Yes, that’s right…simply by bringing new members to the Valley, you can save on your dues.

Be the top line signer on 3 petitions in a twelve month period and have your dues remitted for one year. Make that 6 petitions and have your dues remitted for two years. And, if you are the first line signer on just 10 petitions during a twelve month period, an Endowed Membership is yours for free and you will never have to pay dues again! It’s that simple….share something you are interested in and care about with just a few of your fraternal friends and you’re saving yourself $$$.

Petitions are available on this website, (Click Here), or a larger supply is available from the Valley office at 766-2272 or 800/344-9741. There’s always time to submit petitions for the next Reunion!! Hello petitions…good bye dues! 

Interested in becoming active in the Scottish Rite?

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”