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History & Facts about Scottish Rite

Over the years there have been many misconceptions about the purpose, requirements and operations of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. A few local centers have published and circulated explanatory pamphlets which have been most helpful to better understanding on the part of nonmembers and members alike. However, even in this day such statements are heard as “You have to go to Scotland to acquire the degrees.”. . .”It costs hundreds of dollars to become a member.”. . .”It takes years to become a 32° Mason.”. . .”All degrees must be taken at the same time.”. . .”A candidate must learn all the signs and words.” . . .”One must be a member of another collateral Masonic order before being eligible for Scottish Rite.”. . .”You have to wait for an invitation to join.

The following pages have been prepared in brief question and answer form not only to dispel such misunderstandings but to furnish added information to Master Masons seeking “more light.”

Since this booklet has been written for use throughout the Northern Jurisdiction, it can not be too specific as to the methods followed in each of the fifteen states and 110 Scottish Rite centers. Basic principles, regulations and procedures are set forth, and the reader is cordially encouraged to seek further detail from the local Scottish Rite organization nearest to him.

Over the years, Master Masons have continued their search for “more light” through the medium of Scottish Rite for countless reasons:

  • Scottish Rite answers many questions raised in the Symbolic Lodge.
  • Scottish Rite degrees can provide a better understanding of the meaning of Freemasonry and its basic principles through the use of drama and appeal to the eye as well as the ear.
  • Scottish Rite work is always conducted in an atmosphere of reverence and dignity.
  • Scottish Rite membership will enlarge your circle of Masonic acquaintances and provide additional opportunities for congenial fellowship.
  • Scottish Rite affords varied opportunities for active service in keeping with the talents of each member.
  • Scottish Rite through its benevolences not only assists members in distress but has established a program designed to benefit all mankind.
  • Scottish Rite, long an international organization, continues its work for better understanding among nations and a just and peaceful world.

Interested in becoming active in the Scottish Rite?

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”