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At-Large Members

In addition to the four Presiding Officers, the Valley of Columbus Board of Trustees consists of three at-large members. Regionally these at-large members are: one from north of I-70, one from south of I-70 and one from Franklin County. At-large members are elected annually and are limited to three one-year terms. Experience in Marketing, Sales, Membership Recruitment and Retention, Leadership and Goal Setting is a plus.

Expectations include: A member in good standing of the Valley of Columbus; Attend board meetings which are held on the second Monday of each month in Dublin at 6:00 PM and other meetings which may be called by the Chairman of the Board; Attend the May Annual Meeting and Annual Officer’s Meeting; Assigned as Board Liaison to one or more of the major Valley Committees and the Franklin County Director; Write a Chronicles article 1 to 2 times per year; Attend all LDE’s and Reunions; Attend 2 to 3 County Dinners per year; Assist the other board members in the development and implementation of long range plans for the Valley; Work with the various committees to oversee the property, operation and all financial business of the Valley.

Officers - 2018-2019

Term Member Name Spouse Primary Lodge
At-Large (3rd Year) William B. Schuck   Community # 684
At-Large (2nd Year) C. Paul Robinson, Jr.   Oliver # 447
At-Large (1st Year) Danny T. Meenach, MSA Julie Lancaster # 57

Past At-Large Members

Member Name Spouse Years Served
* Ill. Lloyd M. Shupe 1965 to 1967
* Ill. Paul J. Daugherty 1966 to 1968
* Ill. Ansel Z. Estell 1967 to 1969
* Ill. Donald B. Robinson 1968 to 1970
* Librado L. Solis 1968 to 1971
* Ill. William Ammer 1970 to 1972
* Ill. J. Robert Hanesworth 1971 to 1973
* Ill. William H. Schneider 1972 to 1974
* Howard W. Van Horn 1973 to 1975
* James B. Cushman 1974 to 1976
* Ill. Richard E. Reedy Sr. 1975 to 1977
* Ill. Clyde B. Cramer 1977 to 1978
* Ill. A. Richard Odebrecht 1977 to 1979
* Ill. Nick Angle 1978 to 1980
James J. Mollica1979 to 1981
* Ill. Rod W. Swank 1980 to 1982
* William M. S. Dunn 1981 to 1983
* R. Kenneth Koltenbah 1982 to 1984
Ill. Donald E. Lund1983 to 1985
Ill. Llewellyn M. JonesSusanne1984 to 1986
* Ill. J. Raymond Prohaska 1985 to 1987
* Ill. Robert M. Searles 1986 to 1988
* Ill. James W. Steckel 1987 to 1989
Thomas A. Brannon1988 to 1990
Ill. John R. Garvin1989 to 1991
Ill. William E. CuppNancy1990 to 1992
Ill. John A. SentzYvonne1991 to 1993
Ill. Kenneth E. BrownBarbara1992 to 1994
* Ill. George Hall 1993 to 1995
Ill. Jack L. AllenYvonne1994 to 1996
* Ill. George Dresher 1995 to 1997
Robert W. ParsonsDororthy1996 to 1998
* Ill. Herbert P. White 1997 to 1999
Ill. Douglas R. McCreadyLynn1998 to 2001
Ill. Ronald J. ScharerLaura1999 to 2002
Ill. Richard E. BallardSandra2000 to 2003
Matthew R. Beach2001 to 2004
* John E. Hamilton 2002 to 2005
Roger D. Blackburn2003 to 2006
Ill. Neil A. ElamShelia2004 to 2007
Ill. Fred W. SomerlotDebra2005 to 2008
Ill. Joesph C. SmithSandra2006 to 2009
John B. MashburnMary2007 to 2008
Gregory BrewerDianna2008 to 2010
* Ill. Robert Wise 2008 to 2011
Timothy A. Day2009 to 2010
Ill. Robert K. BrownShelba2010 to 2012
Roger L. Guess, MSABarbara2010 to 2013
Bernard E. Vance, MSAKaren2011 to 2014
Robert S. JonesSuzanne2012 to 2015
Timothy C. Adams2013 to 2016
Gail T. CragoConnie2014 to 2017
James R. CottrillCarol2015 to 2018

* Indicates Deceased

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