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2017 – 2018    Board of Trustees

Andrew L. Baker, 32° SMA
Thrice Potent Master
Enoch Lodge of Perfection
Vice Chairman

Ill. Jeffery L. Rannebarger, 33°
Scioto Consistory

J. Randy Cottrill, 32°
At Large Member
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Stephen L. Moore, 32°
Sovereign Prince
Franklin Council, Princes of Jerusalem

C. Paul Robinson, 32°
At Large Member

Ill. Fred S. Kile, 33°
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Secretary
Non Voting Member

Ill. Mark A. Ginty, 33°
Most Wise Master
Columbus Chapter Rose Croix

William S. Schuck, 32°
At Large Member

Dale E. Bishop 32°
Non Voting Member

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