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Chapter of Rose Croix

The Chapter of Rose Croix confers two Philosophical Degrees. The historical setting of these degrees is within the Christian era but without any prescribed date. Their message is universal; their fellowship may include all men who believe in one Supreme Being whatever their nation, race or creed.

The 17th Degree—KNIGHT OF THE EAST AND WEST—dramatizes man’s failure to learn from the ages. In the 18th Degree—KNIGHT OF THE ROSE CROIX OF HERODOM—a Knight of the East and West learns that by the aid of three guiding virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity, he may discover the New Law of Love. The Rose on the Cross typifies the beauty and glory of the New Law incarnate in the lives of men. The degree is deeply religious without any sectarian bias.


Officers - 2017-2018

Most Wise MasterIll. Mark A. GintyBronwynGroveport #240
Senior WardenJon-Scott A. AllenLoriAshland #151
Junior WardenKory W. WeldySandy Madison #221
OratorIll. Michael J. HolbrookGoodale #372
Master of CeremoniesJames M. CarlsonTamariaUrania #311
Asst Master of CeremoniesCharles L. Buck Jr.PennyMarion #70
TylerGlenn A. Hickman, MSADianeSouthgate Potter #792

Past Most Wise Masters

Ill. Rick Mead Janelle 2014 to 2016
Ill. James M Hughes Susan 2012 to 2014
Ill. James A TeetersJamie2010 to 2012
Ill. Joseph W. Hickman Sandy2008 to 2010
Ill. Kris A. WeldyCharlotte2006 to 2008
Ill. Martin W. NashBarbara2004 to 2006
Ill. David A. Angle 2002 to 2004
Ill. John W. ScharerPatricia2001 to 2002
Ill. Walter J. HullSylvia1999 to 2001
* Ill. Robert M. SearlsJoyce1996 to 1998
Ill. William B. CampbellMarci1994 to 1996
Ill. Lawrence E. Hughes, Jr.Lynne1992 to 1994
Ill. Robert M. WasylikBernice1989 to 1992
* Ill. Robert W. Anderson 1987 to 1989
Ill. Richard J. DonaldsonDorothy1985 to 1987
* Ill. Lloyd M. ShupeMary1982 to 1985
* Ill. Lawrence H. Hughes, Sr.Ruth1976 to 1982
* Ill. J. Fred Moehl 1976 to 1979
Ill. John W. HillCarolyn1973 to 1976
* Ill. Ralph E. Carhart 1970 to 1973
* Ill. William V. Aston 1967 to 1970
* Ill. Earl J. Brothers 1965 to 1967
* Ill. Water E. Barr 1963 to 1965
* Ill. Myron B. Gessaman 1960 to 1963
* Ill. Drew L. Davies, M.D. 1957 to 1960
* Ill. Rufus M. Shockey 1954 to 1957
* Ill. Ralph W. Smith 1951 to 1954
* Ill. Burleigh E. Cartmell 1948 to 1951
* Ill. David B. Sharp 1941 to 1948
* Ill. John L. Davies 1927 to 1941
* Daniel H. Sowers 1927
* Ill. Chas H. Pretzman 1911 to 1927
* Ill. William G. Benham 1905 to 1911
* Ill. John E. Sater 1887 to 1905
* Ill. Theodore P. Gordon 1886 to 1887
* Ill. Obestes A. B. Senter 1884 to 1886
* Charles H. Ostrander 1883 to 1884
* William A. Hersheiser 1879 to 1883

* Indicates Deceased

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