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Activities Daniel L. Zuber, 32°
Budget Ill. Mark A. Ginty, 33°
Reunion Gregory Brewer, 32°
Membership Recruitment Daniel K. Rannebarger, 32°
Membership Assimilation & Retention Scott M. Russell, 32°
Membership Restoration Clifford E. Nicol, 32°
Next Year's Goals Ill. Jeffery L. Rannebarger, 33°
Chronicles Ill. Fred S. Kile, 33°
Investment Ill. G. Scott McComb, 33°
Scholarships Brian L. Kelly, 32°
Website Rik Davis, 32°
Valley Photographer Rev. Timothy Mohon, 32°

Reunion Committee:
It takes several hundred people to stage one of the Valley's Reunions. Some of those whose efforts are primarily responsible for the magnificent work presented by the Valley of Columbus are listed below.

Director of Work Ill. Ronald H. Leonard, 33°
Assistant Director of Work Ill. Kris A. Weldy, 33°
Assistant Director of Work Gregory Brewer, 32°
Stage Director John E. Mullins, 32°, M.S.A.
Master of Robes Roger L. Guess, 32°, MSA
Cosmetician James P. Rock, 32°
Director of Music Don R. Lutz, MSA
Audio Committee Michael J. Saum, MSA
Welcoming Committee Edward C. Kayser, MSA
Candidate Registration and Reception James C. Reed, MSA
First Aid Committee Ill. David D. Mowry, 33°
Tyler Committee Glenn A. Hickman, MSA
Escort Committee Ernest E. Erwin, 32°
Valley Photographer Rev. Timothy Mohon, 32°

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“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”