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Knights of Saint Andrew

The purpose of KSA is to provide a body through which Masters of the Royal Secret (32°) can assist the Valley of Columbus. The members of KSA pledge their allegiance to the Lodge of Perfection, Council of Princes of Jerusalem, Chapter of Rose Croix, and Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret of the Valley of Columbus.

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Officers 2018 - 2019

Position Member Name Spouse Primary Lodge
Venerable Master Michael Cotter, 32° University #631
Prior Patrick Rainbolt, 32° Tabitha Whitehall #761
Preceptor Not Available
Chancellor Ray McFarland, 32° Sparrow #400
Bailiff Steve Binkley, 32° Mt. Gilead #206
Matt Carson, 32° Community #684
Warder Robert Reel, 32° Larue #463
Knights-Marshall Not Available
Chaplain Paul Weikel, 32° University #631
Captain of the Guard Brian Jenkins, 32° Lithopolis #169

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