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Lodge of Perfection

The Lodge of Perfection confers the Ineffable Degrees, from the 4th to the 14th inclusive. They are called “Ineffable” because they are concerned with the ineffable or unutterable Name of God and with man’s eager quest for the true Name. In these eleven degrees there is a profound unveiling of the character and purposes of God, “that high and holy One who inhabits eternity but dwells with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit.”


In formal ritual and in drama, ten of these degrees, based upon Old Testament Scripture and legends from the era of King Solomon, elaborate the teachings of Symbolic Masonry and apply them to practical situations which are faced in everyday life. The Fourteenth Degree summarizes what has been taught and is a moral and philosophical climax.

Important practical lessons are taught in the eleven Ineffable Degrees: secrecy and silence in all confidential relationships; reverence and obedience to God; faithfulness to family and country; justice tempered by mercy; universal brotherhood; honesty in business relations; forgiveness of past injustices; and perseverance in overcoming the difficulties encountered in our progress toward Perfection. The honor of Masonry is placed in the hands of those who seek Perfection in character and who reverence the Ineffable Name of God.


Officers - 2017-2018

Thrice Potent MasterAndrew L. Baker, SMAConnieWhitehall #761
Deputy MasterTimothy S. WheelandKimUniversity #631
Senior WardenGregory BrewerDianaCapital City #656
Junior WardenKenji C. PrinceStephanieTriangle #748
Master of CeremoniesHenry K. Kauffman Jr.NMBaltimore #475
HospitalerDavid M. GizzoBarbaraYork #563
OratorDavid M. LeffingwellNicoleCapital City #656
Captain of the GuardWilliam M. Amspaugh Jr.KathyUniversity #631
TylerGlenn A. Hickman, MSADianeSouthgate Potter #782

Past Thrice Potent Masters

Jeffrey T. GarvinKaren2015 to 2017
William G. GuyLisa2013 to 2015
Ill. Christopher CombsLaura2011 to 2013
Ill. Elbridge H. BrewerMareetta2009 to 2011
Ill. Jim L. JonesDarlene2007 to 2009

Ill. Walter B. Kropp


2005 to 2007

* Ill. Dennis L. Young


2003 to 2005

Ill. Ward L. Weber


2001 to 2003

Ill. Carl J. Aschinger, Jr.


1999 to 2001

Ill. Roger L. Albrecht


1997 to 1999

Ill. Owen E. Johnson


1995 to 1997

Ill. Robert C. Rau


1993 to 1995

Ill. Thomas E. Workman


1991 to 1993

* Ill. M.H. "Harry" Reissig


1989 to 1991

Ill. William H. Guy


1987 to 1989

* Ill. Ralph A. Welch


1985 to 1987

Ill. David S. Schoedinger


1982 to 1985

Ill. W. Robinson Watters


1979 to 1982

Ill. James C. Pace


1976 to 1979

* Ill. Walter H. Kropp


1974 to 1976

* Ill. James W. Phillips


1971 to 1974

* Ill. John Q. Brown


1968 to 1971

* Ill. Eugene C. McGuire


1965 to 1968

* Ill. Joseph M. Harter


1963 to 1965

* Ill. Robert M. Sterrett


1961 to 1963

* Ill. Robert S. Schoedinger


1958 to 1961

* Ill. Henry L. Scarlett


1955 to 1958

* Ill. Henry P. Howe


1952 to 1955

* Ill. Robert H. Pausch


1944 to 1952

* Ill. Allen W. Williams


1931 to 1944

* Ill. Wm. L. Van Sickle


1910 to 1931

* Ill. David N. Kinsman


1884 to 1910

* Henry O'Kane


1882 to 1884

* Ill. Benjamin F. Rees


1877 to 1882

* Ill. Wm. M. Cunningham



* Indicates Deceased

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