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Organization & Operation

What is the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction?

The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction specifically covers the following fifteen states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

What is the membership of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction?

At present (July 31st, 2018) there are approximately 107,716 Scottish Rite Masons throughout the fifteen states. Of this number, 3,374 are Thirty-third Degree Masons comprising the membership of the Supreme Council.

How does Scottish rite operate?

There are Scottish Rite centers called “Valleys” in 110 cities and towns in the fifteen states. There are four coordinate divisions in Scottish Rite – Lodge of Perfection, covering he 4° to 14° (presiding officer – Thrice Potent Master); Council of Princes of Jerusalem, covering the 15° and 16° (presiding officer – Sovereign Prince); Chapter of Rose Croix, covering the 17° and 18° (presiding officer – Most wise Master), and Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret, covering the 19° to 32° (presiding officer – Commander-in-Chief). Some Valleys do not have all four divisions and, in such cases, their candidates receive Council, Chapter or Consistory work in neighboring Valleys.

How is Scottish Rite directed?

The Supreme Council is the governing body and meets once a year in formal session. From its 3,700 members there are 49 selected for “Active” status. This smaller group, which can be likened to a board of directors, elects the officers of the Supreme council and determines its policies. There are at least two “Active” members in each state, one of whom is designated as “Deputy” by the Supreme Council, and who exercises supervision of Scottish Rite activities in his state. The Supreme Council, itself, is led by a Sovereign Grand Commander with offices at the Lexington, Massachusetts headquarters.

The Supreme Council Constitutions are the basic law for all subordinate Scottish Rite Bodies.

What is a Council of Deliberation?

The Council of Deliberation is the statewide organization of Scottish Rite. Each of the fifteen states has such a Council which meets annually. The Deputy of a state is automatically the Commander-in-Chief of the Council whose membership is made up by the members of the Supreme Council in that state, certain officers of each Scottish Rite Body in the state, certain past presiding officers of those Bodies and recipients of the Meritorious Service Award. A Council of Deliberation has in its state, such legislative and judicial power, not exercised by the Supreme Council, itself.

Interested in becoming active in the Scottish Rite?

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