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Regional Directors

Northwest    (Counties: Crawford, Delaware, Hardin, Marion & Union)

Director and Assistant Director: (TO BE NAMED)

Northeast    (Counties: Ashland, Coshocton, Knox, Licking, Morrow, Richland)

Ill. Charles J. Briggs, 33°, Director

Gail T. Crago, 32°, Asst. Director

Southeast    (Counties: Athens, Fairfield, Gallia, Hocking, Jackson, Meigs, Perry & Vinton)

JAMES B. PARSONS, 32°, Director

Asst. Director: (TO BE NAMED)

Southwest    (Counties: Fayette, Madison, Pickaway, Pike & Ross)

Jean W. Justus, Jr., 32º, MSA, Director

Ill. James A. Teeters, 33°, Asst. Director

Franklin County    

Ill. Christopher R. Combs, 33°, Director

Robert D. Stacoffe, 32°, Asst. Director

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